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March 31, 2016

There has been published:


  • Desicion No РД-НС-04-24-1 of 29 March 2016 pursuant to Art. 54, p. 9 and Art. 59a, p. 6 of the Health Insurance Act of the Supervisory Council of the National Health Insurance Fund

Subjects of the Decision are:

- volumes, prices and methods for valuation and for payment of medical aid pursuant to Art. 45 of the Health Insurance Act which concerns the types of drugs, paid by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), as well as the types of diseases, which are domestically treated and the drugs for which are paid wholly or partially by the NHIF;

- the medical activities related to amendment in the current legislation – Ordinance No 2 of 25 March 2016 for Determining of the Package of Health Services Guaranteed by the Budget of the National Health Insurance Fund;

- the following normative acts: Ordinance for Amendment and Supplementation of Ordinance No 39 of 2004 for Prophylactic Medical Examinations and Dispensary Treatment, Ordinance for the Criteria and the Procedures for Choosing of Medical Institutions for Hospital Care, with which NHIF Concludes Agreements, Ordinance No 10 of 2 December 2015 for Study of Patient Satisfaction from Medical Services Purchased by the National Health Insurance Fund, Ordinance No 7 of 6 November 2015 for the Criteria for Determining the Diseases, which are Domestically Treated and the Drugs for which are Paid Wholly or Partially by the National Health Insurance Fund, Medical Products and Dietary Foods for Special Medical Purposes;

- the conditions and the procedure for compiling an unique identification number for the health insured persons and the procedure for electronic authentication pursuant to Art. 63, p. 1, i. 1 of Health Insurance Act and to Art. 2, p. 5 of the Ordinance for Carrying out the Right for Access to Medical Aid, according to which in case of getting medical aid the health insured persons shall authenticate by their unique identification numbers, by which they shall confirm the medical aid received.  


         With this Decision there have been regulate the rights and the liabilities, related to the provision of the medical aid for the activities of:

- National Health Insurance Fund and the Regional Health Insurance Funds;

- the medical care providers;

- compulsory health insured persons.

Enters into force as of 1 April 2016 with an exception.


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